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air-blown fiber solution

Plant managers and facility managers know that when a production line is disrupted the costs add up very quickly.

That’s why they do everything in their power to remove possible breaks in the supply chain and make sure production (revenue) doesn’t stop.

For most installations, traditionally constructed fiber handles the job just fine (fiber is the go to method for speed and distance over ~300ft). However, there are situations where the cost of disrupting the path that a fiber cable needs to run is just too expensive to do more than once.

For instance, suppose you manage the facilities at a hospital. You have a great facility that patients love. Your patient surveys are off the charts. The hospital is making money and getting folks back to their lives quickly — successfully achieving its goals. Until the team says they need another service installed and that service needs a fiber connection from one end of the building to the other, and the only way to get there is through a major corridor.

Option 1 – Traditional Fiber 

You bid out the new cable materials and installation. You’ll then select the contractor and schedule the project with them. Don’t forget about each of your internal teams. The folks who handle public relations and communications need to know because every one of your happy, satisfied clients will see and feel this project each day the installation team is there. Which, by the way, will likely be for an extended period of time. Then, because you’re a health care facility, you’ll need to recertify the affected space to be compliant to ICRA rules. 

This becomes so disruptive you think: Why didn’t we put this extra fiber in the first time? You know, 10 years ago.

Option 2 – Air Blown Fiber (ABF) 

All of the same steps are required... but just once.

The difference is when the tube cable is installed and the space recertified, you’ll only need to “blow” in the new fiber strands from one end to the other without disruption to your public space.

It’ll be done in a few hours. Your customers and/or team will be unaware that anything has happened, except they’ll have more network connections. As your facility grows, additional fiber can be blown into the same tube cable!

With ABF you invest more into the initial installation; however, two, three or more days into the future you’ll be surpassing break-even and that will make you smile!

If this piques any interest for you, let us know. It’s simple to do a comparison that you’ll be able to use to potentially reduce production downtime and keep revenue flowing.

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