In past Cablepedia posts, we’ve highlighted emerging technologies such as IoT, HDBaseT, and PoE. These are just a handful of examples that show how the tools we use to generate, maintain, and share information are expanding in ways that seemed unimaginable only a few years ago.

Let’s pause and consider the amount of time that passes until the next generation of technology appears. According to The Emerging Future, in only seven years technology will have improved one million times since the year 2000. Framed another way:

“Currently, our computing power and sensor capabilities are starting to quantify cellular and molecular structures easily and cheaply, and our tools are able to manipulate molecules. Today small companies are creating the paradigm changes that were the domain of large corporations, universities, and government agencies. Now boost it 1,000 times. The current eleven months doubling rate of technology known as ‘The Law of Accelerating Returns’ is getting faster.” 1

Wow! It’s like the line between then and now is shrinking every minute of every day… and before we know it, the separation could disappear entirely. We know wire and cable will be required to provide the pathways and connections for these advances, so what is our industry game plan? How do we prepare ourselves, and more importantly, our end users, for these quickly approaching changes?

There are no simple answers to these questions. Each application, environment, and expected outcome will introduce variables that must be taken into account throughout planning and installation. However, doing what we can to remain current – with information, products, and future projections – will eliminate a lot of guesswork and missed opportunities.

With that in mind, read Five Data Center Trends to Watch in 2016. Along with many of the same technology topics we’ve already introduced, the author makes a point that is hard to argue – that this year will be full of challenges fueled by rapid change and a continued need for efficiency. The scary thought is that it is up to us to manage all these fast-moving parts and pieces. Overwhelming? Absolutely. But there is also an exciting silver lining called opportunity. I think Benjamin Franklin probably said it best: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Well, my friend, we’re far from finished… within that not-so-distant reality, we’ve only just begun.

– Mike


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