Today’s Wireless

Just a few short years ago, the top raw speed for a Wireless Access Point (WAP) was a blistering 11mbps per second. I use the term “raw” because that bandwidth was in constant battle with walls, doors, and other environmental blockades, plus had to share the waves with other devices in range. In case it’s not obvious, the actual throughput wasn’t all that great.

In the here and now, the changes are remarkable. Today’s WAP (802.11acwave2) can be configured with multiple antennas – which, in turn, can address multiple stations simultaneously. The result? Widespread, robust coverage, and aggregate speeds topping 5Gbs!

I know you’ve heard this from me before, but it still stands true: There’s a lot of cable in wireless. The intense mixture of expectation and demand places more emphasis on a quality pathway back to a switch port than ever before, so don’t cut corners or settle for mediocre products or services. Remember – you can have the highest performing cable system in the world but disappointing results if it is not installed properly. Always hire trained professionals, and ask for references… it’s the best way to ensure real value from your investment.

As always, Capital Electric is here to help. Be sure to take a look at the graphic for a quick but handy overview of important wireless considerations, and read through the attached white paper from CommScope that details how and why your cabling plant will dictate how happy your mobile users will be. If you need a list of trained and qualified cable installation companies, call us. We’re happy to connect you to professionals who know their stuff, and more importantly, will treat you right.

– Mike




White Paper: Groundwork for a New Level of Wireless Access