For more than 40 years, we’ve been blessed to have a number of contractors as customers; helping them understand the technical aspects of the cabling products they buy from us has been much appreciated. Now, Capital has a valuable service to add specifically for contractors. Commonly called “prefab” (short for prefabrication), this service is a great benefit because component assembly is completed before it hits the job site by skilled labor focused on quality and reliability.

Prefabrication results in predictable installation times more often than traditional field assembly – and that means profit to the contractors who use it. Purchasing finished assembly or pre-cut lengths or components custom packaged just for that job reduces the amount of labor required by a highly trained technician… and when a highly trained technician spends time on technical aspects of the project rather than mundane, laborious assembling of piece parts, efficiency goes up. More importantly, so does customer satisfaction because time is spent making sure that systems operate as they were designed.

Proper allocation of skilled workers has never been more important than today. In our great state of Wisconsin, we have an unemployment rate of 3.2%. Finding people with the expertise to work in the structured cabling industry has never been more difficult. In terms of dollars and common sense, the right choice is making sure the laborers you have work on the most technical aspects of every project.

True – a prefabricated J-hook tree will cost a little more than the individual components, but let’s do the math. Billable technician rates are much higher than the small increase in materials cost. Plus, you only pay for what you need. Your technicians can tackle the finer points of the install and not worry about inventory, component assembly, or other missteps along that way that could have been avoided by preplanning.

At Capital, we really believe that prefab is a game changer. We’d be happy to show you how to use it to maximize your budget, skilled labor, quality and reliability, and install time. For starters, click here to see the types of prefab we can offer.

– Mike