In our last Cablepedia post (click here to access Ready to Help with Prefab), we touched on an important part of the process: pre-planning. It might not be a stretch to say that this is actually the most important part of the process! Thinking ahead can save so many things, like money, man hours, and headaches on install.

Pre-planning can help you choose the right products, too. Even the best spaces require cables and components in hard-to-reach spaces. Low-voltage plastic surface mounted raceways are great solutions for these kinds of applications.

Professionals choose these systems to create a secure, minimally distracting pathway for areas that would otherwise be impractical to reach. Need a camera or other IP/low-voltage device mounted to a cement or plaster wall that has no access behind it? A surface raceway is easily mounted with adhesive and/or screws, and they don’t dent or lose their shape. Plus, there are tons of adapters available to maximize the space you have – and they simply snap in place. Probably the greatest advantage is that a professionally installed raceway looks neat and organized, giving everyone (especially the person who wrote the check for the install!) a sense of pride and value. Let’s be honest: Cables hanging down walls is amateur play.

Capital Electric is your secret weapon in pre-planning because we’ve already done the legwork on manufacturers and their products. We discovered, and maybe you have as well, that quite often the leader in a given market doesn’t always have the best product. For plastic surface mount raceways, the market leader’s product is smaller, can warp in a hot van, and is more expensive than solutions made by HellermannTyton. Take a look at our comparison chart and you’ll see that for each size (small, medium, large), the HellermannTyton product provides greater quality and space at less cost than the market leader.

One more thought: Remember to look at the label of the raceway you want to purchase and note where it’s made. Now compare that to the label on a HellermannTyton box. It says made in the U.S.A. – which eliminates most concerns you could ever have about quality, performance, and compatibility.

– Mike

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