Q&A with CommScope®

The fine folks over at CommScope® were our guests at a recent Lunch & Learn event where Jarred Baker, infrastructure SE, and sales director Matt Towles provided the latest and greatest on:

  • CommScope small diameter Cat 6A cable
  • New universal SMB (surface mount box) – fits SL Series, Keystone, and M Series jacks
  • EPX (fiber terminated panels)
  • Propel for data centers

The session was pretty lively – especially during the Q&A session. Below are a few highlights:

  • Moving the vertical managers to the rear-most mounting position on the rack can provide more room to enter/exit the horizontal managers.
  • MiNo patch cords will take a fraction of the space traditional cords consume. Changing over to MiNo cords doesn’t need to be painful; gain space simply by beginning to use them now. Eventually, you’ll have the whole rack converted.

Join us for our Sept. 22 Lunch & Learn with AtlasIED® where you’ll have demos on the IPX family of IP endpoints, the Atmosphere 2.5 platform, new additions to the strategically hidden speaker family, and an introduction of the new LookHear device.

Understanding Your Investment

The best advice for anyone looking to cross off items on the company infrastructure shopping list is this: Buy the best you can afford, and you’ll never be disappointed. That means doing your homework to avoid a costly mistake.

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Today’s Wireless

  Today’s Wireless Just a few short years ago, the top raw speed for a Wireless Access Point (WAP) was a blistering 11mbps per second. I use the term “raw” because that bandwidth was in constant battle with walls, doors, and other environmental blockades, plus had to share the waves with other devices in range. In…

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Data Security: Prepare Now

Data Security: Prepare Now 2014, and headlines everywhere screamed about the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The fallout from releasing personal, confidential information was enormous! This is just one, high-profile example; according to Beazley, a leading provider of data breach response insurance, the trend for outside infiltration like the Sony bombshell is rapidly rising. Last…

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Trending in 2016

In past Cablepedia posts, we’ve highlighted emerging technologies such as IoT, HDBaseT, and PoE. These are just a handful of examples that show how the tools we use to generate, maintain, and share information are expanding in ways that seemed unimaginable only a few years ago. Let’s pause and consider the amount of time that…

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Making a Case for a UPS

Welcome to the Information Age – a time when data can be generated, stored, shared, and accessed at almost a moment’s notice with the touch of a button or screen. Just think about how far technology has advanced in such a short amount of time! Laptops, tablets, cell phones… instant connection to anything or anyone you could possibly need.

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IoT: The Future is Now

“Jane, stop this crazy thing!” The year was 1962, and America was introduced to the family of the future: The Jetsons. The automation, the technology… it all seemed so far off and far out back then, but in less than 60 years, we’ve surpassed many of the “far-fetched” developments portrayed in that show.

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Buyer Aware

Good companies offer important things such as consistency, quality, and value. What elevates an organization to the next level is how those characteristics are experienced at every turn, especially through the purchasing process.

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Hubbell’s Expansion: End-to-End

There’s a recurring discussion among business leaders and supply chain managers regarding the viability of single-source purchasing. The pros and cons have been debated, diagrams have been created to illustrate various scenarios… but in the end, it really comes down to the vendor, doesn’t it?

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June Lunch and Learn Recap

apital’s 2015 Lunch and Learn series is in full swing, and like our past events, Jack Hawrysz from Hubbell Premise Wiring hit this last one out of the park. As Wisconsin territory sales manager, Jack has a lot of knowledge about Hubbell’s products, and his customers’ needs. During his visit with us on June 18th,…

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From “No Way!” to “No Problem!”

Think for a moment about AV connectivity… do you want to run? Scream? Hide? If you’ve been around a while, you’ve seen a frightening list of AV connector options: VGA, Component Video, RGB, S-Video, RCA, 3.5mm Audio, DVI (I, D or A), BNC, F-connectors…. Talk about a nightmare! How did we ever get anything to work?

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Hear This!

Listen up: Here’s some helpful information for creating or upgrading your company’s PA system. If this info graphic proves useful to you, we’d love to hear about it! — Mike

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Spring Cleaning

Here in Wisconsin, this transition is highly anticipated: It’s time to look at the world differently, and feel energized by the changes we see. We can take that renewed spirit and apply it to our work lives, too. Have you felt like you’ve been ‘hibernating’ in routine for too long? Could your work environment benefit…

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Posturing for a Better You

In an average lifetime: 99,000+ hours are spent at work 4 years within that work time are spent on the phone 5 years are spent online That’s a lot of time! And up to now, the majority was spent sitting – particularly if your work environment happens to be an office. You may move periodically…

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Thanks for attending our February 20 Lunch and Learn!

I think I speak for everyone at Capital Electric when I say that one of our favorite things about this company is the sincere focus on personal relationships. Vendor, customer, co-worker… regardless of the professional title, we are all people. And in my experience, our industry is full of wonderful individuals who are helpful, intelligent,…

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A Clean View of HDBaseT

In the not-so-distant past, people were absolutely satisfied with watching images on screens that used around 300,000 pixels to project an image. Then, technology blew the doors off that reality – first with HD, expanding the number of pixels to one to two million, and now, with the next wave of 4K and Ultra HD, the total will…

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TE Connectivity: Quality from End to End

In previous Cablepedia articles, I talked about the revolution that is happening thanks to PoE, or Power over Ethernet. Consumers’ constant demands for speed and reliability in networks and connection pressured our industry to respond, and we did – with advances in cable that flow electricity and data along the same pathways.

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CommScope: Writing the Standards for Network Technology Evolution

People need to communicate, and a reliable infrastructure is what makes that possible. For decades, the company leading the way in infrastructure research, development and production has been CommScope. Today, this key supplier maintains a portfolio of copper, fiber optics and wireless products that connect networks at home, at work, and at play. They are…

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A Revolution in Human Interaction: PoE

Innovation. Cutting edge. Game changer. Revolution. No matter what you call it, the inception is the same: Someone had a thought that was different. These are exciting times… we’re witnessing a revolution in human interaction. Mobile devices, web connection nearly anywhere at any time, information literally at our fingertips. This onset of availability has spawned…

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