In our last Cablepedia post (Fiber Clarity – Part 1), we looked specifically at CommScope’s newest product – SD Fiber Optic Panels. Why has CommScope invested in this line? Much of the answer has to do with streamlining and enhanced clarity.

Thankfully, the fiber optic cabling industry has gone through some major growth, resulting in easy and affordable fiber cable terminations. While we still have the glue-on, polish-type connectors, the pre-polished, cleave-and-leave or Qwik-II connectors are favored for enterprise work. Then there’s the best performing termination option – fusion. A fusion terminated fiber typically provides extremely low loss connections; making things even better is the cost. Fusion splicing equipment has become incredibly economical in recent years, with options around $8500 or less for a quality machine.

The common challenge with fusion splicing is managing the service loop of buffered strands in the cabinet or fiber shelf. How many times have you seen potential problems of loose strands becoming crimped by a shelf door?  All too often, someone opens a fiber shelf and doesn’t have the knowledge or discipline to manage these strands properly. Fast forward to a troubleshooting call, and you find yourself re-terminating a broken strand.

CommScope’s latest introduction solves this challenge. As a termination/splicing coupler panel that mounts into a traditional LGX style (push-pin) termination shelf, the cassettes provide all parts (couplers, pigtails, fusion splice sleeves) needed to terminate 12 or 24 strands of glass. Once finished, it installs into the shelf, and all the vulnerable strands are safely protected inside the cassette.

Some things you need to see to believe. Stop by our headquarters and we will gladly show you the features of this groundbreaking solution. These CommScope panels and cassettes will change the way you build your data center, and safeguard your clarity.

– Mike