Fast Forward

Maybe you’ve encountered the phrase “high speed migration” as an industry term. Leave it to our brilliant partners at CommScope to adopt it as a way to help us all think about where we are with our infrastructures, and what it’s going to take to grow to the next level.

These are three important words. Let’s think about the implications for a moment. “High” directly references the constant demand by users for access and performance. “Speed” is more than just an indicator for Gb/s – it’s also the expectation users have for delivery of information. And “migration” serves as a powerful reminder that there is more on the way – much more – and the need to prepare now for the surge in bandwidth that is coming. (Be sure to check out our infographic below for an expanded look at these concepts.)

CommScope has developed an incredible platform that seamlessly bridges your current data center needs with the reality of necessary future upgrades. Using modular building blocks as the core of the system, this solution is specifically designed to support higher speeds as bandwidth increases. The SYSTIMAX® portfolio offers:

  • Ultra-low-loss multimode fiber that supports low-cost VCSEL optics, and includes wideband OM5 to enable duplex transmission of 100G and higher over extended distances.
  • Scalable high- and ultra-density fiber panels that support today’s mesh networks while keeping your fiber network manageable and secure.
  • AIM-based intelligence that automatically monitors and documents the physical layer in real time, providing updates on all changes.

Professionals have known and trusted the SYSTIMAX® brand of cabling solutions for decades. No wonder… its performance has been regarded as World Class – not just good enough, but the best! Interestingly, many, many competitors claim to be just as good, or good enough.

The SYSTIMAX® High Speed Migration platform is a game changer. And while the competition claims to be “good enough,” the truth is that “good enough” simply won’t cut it. Adding another hop in your cabling plant to support 40Gb Ethernet – and eventually 100Gb – requires so much more than regular, low-loss connections can give. They just won’t allow that added connection because the light loss is too great.

No doubt, SYSTIMAX® is the highest performance solution and worth every penny. Why? Because it provides the flexibility and growth your users will soon be demanding. And believe me, the guarantee CommScope provides that your connection will actually perform above the standard is worth every penny for the peace of mind that all is well in your data center.

– Mike


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