Data Security: Prepare Now

2014, and headlines everywhere screamed about the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The fallout from releasing personal, confidential information was enormous! This is just one, high-profile example; according to Beazley, a leading provider of data breach response insurance, the trend for outside infiltration like the Sony bombshell is rapidly rising. Last year, 32% of incidents were related to hacking or malware, up from 18% a year prior. 1

Within the wire and cable industry, Capital Electric (and, let’s face it – all our competitors) maintain a unique position regarding data security. First of all, data is transferred via the products we develop, recommend, and implement. In that part alone, we carry a responsibility to

  • Know the vendors
  • Know the products
  • Know the trends
  • Know our customers’ desired results
  • Know the expected outcomes

Secondly, as a solutions provider we are an independent business that relies on near-constant interaction with other independent businesses – like yours! – to fulfill our work goals. That means a double responsibility: The interior security necessary to protect our employees and data, and the exterior protocol needed to provide a secure connection with our business network.

It is a complex web that is not unique to just Capital Electric; the reality is the same for any business in operation today. As global access and technological advancements continue, it is plain to see that there is no time like the present to invest time, manpower, and resources into data security. Not sure where to begin? Check out the accompanying infographic for first steps toward any process improvement. You might also want to read this Q&A from TechTarget that highlights some important specifics related to corporate cybersecurity.

While none of us are the same type of powerhouse player as Sony, that doesn’t mean we can afford to ignore the valuable lesson they learned the hard way. Prepare now… the risks are too great to do otherwise.

– Mike



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