A/V Upgrades Don’t Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg


What do ordering a coffee from Dunkin’, strolling the mall and sitting in a conference room for a sales meeting have in common?

Bueller… Bueller… Bueller… anyone?

Ultra-high-definition, 4k displays!

True story. Everything from grabbing a donut to making a pitch requires a digital angle nowadays. And with the lightning speed of innovation, 4k has essentially become the de facto standard.

Trouble is that construction can’t keep pace with tech advances (nothing can, we’re already on iPhone 13… ), so your installed and built-in digital infrastructure tends to become outdated rather quickly.

However, you want the latest and greatest in your space, appearances matter in business after all. You want to make sure you’re A/V system is optimized, crisp and clear.

But how? HDBaseT from Hubbell.

Pull one cable to a drop and all of sudden you’re looking at a signal range of up to 100 meters (328 feet) for HDMI, USB, RS232 and IR over UTP – high-quality Cat 6A, 6 or 5e termination. No unsightly cables, and at a price point that makes it accessible to everyone. Easy breezy.

Before diving into it more, let’s stack it up against the other options.

  • You can call up a company specialized in A/V system installation and get a quote for a revitalization, but that could easily run you over $10,000 depending on the room.
  • A DIY installation might save you in the short term, but without professional expertise you could end with dangerous wiring, an aesthetic disaster and a system that isn’t remotely at its best – which costs more to fix later.
  • A standard HDMI cable from your audio/visual source to your screens is the typical go-to for a conference setting, but you’re bound to a rather small workable area. Not to mention it’s exceedingly rare to find HDMI cables over 25 feet. At 50 feet — which is considered the max in terms of reliability — you still open yourself up to considerable risk for signal degradation. Not great.
  • HDMI extenders, wireless or otherwise, can do the job, but you run up to a limit in terms of what signal they’ll reliably carry with less expensive extenders often petering out past 1080.

What makes HDBaseT the choice?

  • Standardization
  • Simplified installation
  • Cost
  • Futureproof


Nothing is more annoying than wondering if something will work. Let’s go back to the iPhone for a sec... and Apple in general. They’re always coming up with some new kind of ports and cables for their products. For instance, while the rest of the world charges with USB-C, iPhone’s still use lightning port.

HDBaseT, on the other hand, is the global standard for transmitting ultra-high-def A/V. Simple as that.

No matter the industry or installation, you can rely on HDBaseT.

Simplified Installation

Because everything – audio, video, ethernet, controls USB and power – runs through a single cable you not only make it easier to implement but you cut back significantly on cabling chaos. You can also do away with endless cable management.

Moreover, the Hubbell iSTATION is an in-wall answer, meaning the end result looks as clean as the 4K content you’re presenting. No need for additional power supplies and outlets to be nearby/everywhere.


The biggie.

Rather than costly retrofits or revamps of your A/V system, you can revitalize your existing setup with a low-cost HDBaseT installation from Hubbell which will save you thousands.


Eventually, when 8K will replace 4K as the standard (insane to even contemplate the amount of data… ), you'll be ahead of the rest because it's already in the plans for HDBaseT.

That's right, you'll be able to use the same cable for current and future applications.

A/V is becoming more integrated into everything we do. As a business that means you need to keep up. Solutions from Hubbell are among the best ways to do it.


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