Audio/visual options in the commercial space have become plug & play, which is great.

Simply plug an HDMI cable into both the flat screen and an AV source and it works. How cool is that?

Well… it works if your two devices are close together, generally within 50ft. But finding HDMI cables beyond 25ft can be challenging. The other issue at play has to do with the aesthetics of routing cables. You know, the look once it’s installed; probably with cables running across the desk, table or floor. And installing conduits after a building has been constructed is very disruptive and expensive*.

Obviously, there are many high-end AV systems available from manufactures like Crestron, Extron and the like, but if all you want is to simply connect a display(s) to a content source those options will cost a fortune.

Search the internet for HDMI extenders and you’ll find a myriad of options that will boost the HDMI signal for various distances across category cables (Cat5e/6/6A); however, you should also pay attention to its ability to support the resolution you want now and into the future. The cheap extenders do great with 1080i or 1080P but not so well with 4K or higher. Furthermore, these extenders typically take the form of an “external box” that requires a DC power adapter, so you’ll need to find room for that as well.

Supporting 4K resolution on your screens requires an HDBaseT compliant device, which will also support distances of 100m (328ft). HDBaseT supports many future options too that you can learn more about at the HDBaseT alliance website.

In addition, higher-end AV system providers will offer products that fit flush mounted into the wall so that cable management doesn’t become an issue. Fortunately, so does Hubbell Premise Wiring—at a price point you’ll like.




*By the way, there are under-carpet cable options too. We can help you find a solution that meets your needs.